About Chemistry

Chemistry is an independent B-Corp Certified strategic design consultancy based in Singapore and Amsterdam.

Bringing together a diverse and multi-talented team of innovators and creators, we apply design in a system-based way to put people and the planet at the centre of our work.

About Chemistry

Is it possible to enjoy a degree of freedom in lifestyle and creative flexibility while still producing excellent work that creates impact and improves lives?

This is the question that we continually ask ourselves here at Chemistry, and the answer is something we strive towards every day.

Founded in 2000, Chemistry was born from a passion for graphic design, music, and photography. What started as a collective — long before the arrival of the gig economy, co-working spaces, and remote working — brought together a team of independent creatives with a shared vision.

The idea was to have our cake and eat it too — delivering quality design work for world-class clients while having the freedom of being our own boss.

Over time, our collective grew and adapted,  trying out new business models, being dynamic, and reinventing ourselves. We’ve created a legacy of over 20 years of design that we're proud of, spanning a broad and varied range of industries, products, and services around the globe.

As we approached our 20th anniversary in 2020, we triggered some of the most profound and natural next steps to take Chemistry into the future — going circular and going international.

Being Circular

As designers, we believe that design can be a powerful tool for change in the Circular Economy. Naturally, we embarked on a mission to make Circular Design one of our key objectives.

We are committed to playing an active role in bringing about meaningful change in the world. One of the ways we get to do that is through facilitating our clients who want to take on the transformation of going circular.

But before we could help our clients, we needed to ensure we practised what we preached. Chemistry, too, had to embrace transformation. And so, we decided to become a B-Corporation under the guidance of B Lab.

The road to B-Corp was enriching and enlightening. The process drove us to truly take stock of who we are as a company, the values we hold, and our accountability to sustainability. We're proud to share that, as of June 2021, we have successfully achieved certification.

B-Corp Certification

Chemistry In Europe

To realise our aspirations of affecting global change with our work, we took the bold step to open our first official branch in Europe. Amsterdam was the obvious choice.

In addition to being a leader in creativity and circular thinking, Amsterdam is also the epicentre where European companies facing sustainable business challenges come to. With a talent pool and business landscape that’s well versed in sustainability, we knew it was where we wanted to be. Being present in this ecosystem enables us to amplify the impact we can make, tackling European challenges with the creative minds of Chemistry in Singapore. Our team in Amsterdam continues to grow alongside our cross-continental expertise.

Choosing Amsterdam for our headquarters is also a nod to Chemistry's Dutch roots in founding alumni Marcel and Wil, alongside our continued collaborations with various Dutch organisations.

A year on, despite the disruptions of the pandemic, we successfully established our presence in Amsterdam with our first major project — designing an entire service experience for a new generation of retirement homes with Guild Living.

This project aimed to redefine the meaning of later living through purpose and wellbeing — a significant area for design impact that will affect and raise the standard of living for ageing individuals in all developed countries on the planet.

Meet The Team

We are a diverse multinational team that’s inspired by the idea of doing meaningful work. Using our talent and creativity we help move the needle, and the world, towards a better place every day.